What colour is this dress? The Mother Of The Bride Dress That Went Viral Overnight!

Mother of the bride - #TheDress What colour is it

The Mother Of The Bride Dress That Went Viral!

A mother of the bride in the Hebrides in Scotland sent a picture of her mother of the bride outfit for her daughters wedding to see what her opinion was of the dress, However little did this brides mother realize what a social media craze she would start.. The conundrum occurred when the bride & groom observed the picture of the dress with bolero  and saw the colours in a different manner. Struggling to agree on the colour they posted the picture on facebook asking friends and family to join in the debate on the color of the weddings mother of the groom outfit.

The picture circulated around Facebook before it was re-posted on tumblr. Website buzzfeed noticed the blog and re-posted the image of the mothers dress along with a poll. To date the debate over the colour of the mothers dress has now stacked up more than a staggering 24,000,000 views at the time of posting in onl 14 hours and 46 minutes!

The debate has also started on twitter about blue & black and white & gold. No one can decide but here are the polls.

We have a simlar mother of the bride outfit in our window, which we think is blue but now we are wondering what do you think? 🙂

So “what colour is this dress?” #TheDress

Even Taylor Swift has got involved in the debate over a mothers wedding outfit from Scotland, can you believe it?

Read more on the story here and the poll here

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