Tips on Choosing Hats and Fascinators to suit you

Wide brimmed hatLooking for a fascinator or hat may seem quote daunting task as you may not know where to start. Its not everyday you need to chose a wedding hat or a fascinator for a special occasion like Royal Ascot races, Henley Regatta or whatever the special occasion your hat or fascinator is for.

Its best to try and get a hat that not only looks good with your chosen hairstyle but one which also suits your skin shape, skin tone and complements your special occasion dress, mother of the bride outfit or race day attire. A hat can really transform your outfit so here are three good tips on helping you get it right!

Hats & Fascinators Tip #1

Try if possible to get a friend or family member to go with you as you can get a valued and trusted second opinion this way. At our Espada Hat shop in Worcester we will never sell a hat that will not suit you or your outfit, but some places may just say something looks good to sell you a hat. We will only give out professional honest advice but if you have a trusted friend with you will be reassured that the hat you select is the right one for you.

Hats & Fascinators Tip #2

Colour is very important as if you get it wrong it will clash with our outfit, hair colour or maybe your skin-tone too, so try and chose one which compliments the colours of your outfit. If you are not buying your raceday hat, wedding guest, mother of the bride or special occasion dress from our boutique, we are more than happy to suggest as we do to everyone who buys our hast that you bring your dress in so that we can match up the colour. Try on your outfit in our boutique and pout the hat on as there are many different shades of colours that you never can be sure until you have your outfit with you.

Hats & Fascinators Tip #3

If you are quite petite and have a small face the last thing you probably need is a hat that swamps your face. Likewise if you are wearing a particular mother of the bride hair updo style on the day that could be accentuated with a beautiful side fascinator or headpiece then that may suit you better than a large hat. These are all things that at Espada we easily can help you with and make buying your hat and fascinator a real pleasure as you will see from our testimonials from happy customers. There are so many variables when it comes to choosing a hat that’s perfect for you that we suggest to come in and have a chat so that we can help you get one that is just perfect for you. We look forward to helping you soon! If however you do not live in Worcestershire or the surrounding areas and you are shopping online for your hat or fascinator then we hope this advice will help you. In the useful video below are some extra tips and ideas for inspiration:

Choosing The Right Hat For Your Face Shape, Skin Tones and Fashion Taste