Prom Make Up Ideas

When it comes to you on your prom night it is essential that you look good if you want to impress. You may have spent weeks choosing your dress, shoes and jewellery probably spent a long time deciding on what hairstyle to wear.

You may wish to do your own make-up or use a professional make up artist to create a perfect look. If you are used to wearing and applying your make-up may not be too much of an issue for you to make your makeup look amazing, however to a lot of girls may not be used to applying make-up and therefore these make-up tutorials may help you.

One of the most important first steps choosing this foundation matches your complexion and skin tone. Once you have the foundation matches your tone ensure that when applying foundation you blend in around the area. If you have dark circles spots or blemishes a dab of concealer will help create a flawless base.

After you have applied some foundation you may want to start your eyes. There are so many options here that it would be best to watch some of the videos below to find one that is good with your eyes and complexion. You may want to get the eye shadow colour to compliment your beautiful prom gown. Essentially you will need an eyeliner pencil, mascara, blusher, face powder and lipstick. Using a lipstick pencil around lips will add definition on your lips. Wet look glossy lipstick is very popular these days and it can also be an amazing look for your prom night.

If you are doing your make up with a friend, be careful not to share eye makep as you may pick up my bacteria such as conjunctivitis. Equally if you are getting a professional makeover wise to also take your own lipstick for similar safety reasons. A water resistant lipstick might be a good idea if you want to stay at the party otherwise after a few drinks you might have to spend time in the ladies washroom to keep reapplying it.

You may want to jazz up your eyes on the night with a pair of dazzling false eyelashes, particularly striking are the ones with sparkly diamante crystals embedded. The other popular prom idea is a shimmering body glow using a powder on the areas of the  upper back and shoulders to give yourself a real standout look!

For extra inspiration if you still need it search youtube, social networking sites and search engines with words like “prom eye makeup”, “prom makeup tumblr”, “prom makeup pinterest”, “prom makeup ideas”, “red carpet makeup”, “celebrity makeup ideas”, “prom makeup tutorial”, “prom eye makeup ideas”, “prom eye makeup pictures” ,”prom make up beauty tips”, “tips for prom” that sort of thing and you will find hundreds of articles, pictures and videos on the subject.

To help you here are the best 10 prom makeup tutorials we found on youtube at the time of posting:

Whatever you decide to do you’ll want to look different to the way you look in your everyday makeup prom night is a time to wow and impress and be more glitzy. Don’t be too daunted though if you are not that used to using make up you wont need to be a makeup expert but you can always ask someone to help if you are not confident enough or book in with a professional makeup artist if that suits you best. Even though prom is one of the most look forward to and anticipated nights fir most school leaving girls, do try to relax and enjoy the whole experience and occasion to look back on in years to come.


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